søndag 30. mars 2014

Teamwork, Archicad

Just one in the group needs to do this (this person will be the administrator):
First go to myarchicad.com and install BIM Server (click always continue or skip) During the process type your username and password
Secondly, open the archicad file you want to work as a team. Go to the tab team work and select the option share.
Third you should open the BIM server, select the file that you have shared before and create the user accounts of the rest of the members of your group.
4th In the main click create link. This will generate a file that you should share with your group ( attention you should create a link file everyday because the IP at NTNU is not stable)
5th The rest of group should open archicad, select join a teamwork a select the link file created b the administrator.
I hope you can do it 

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